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  • Comparison of individual knowledge and skills with job standards, and identification of Education and Training requirements.
  • Develop and validate standards. Determine adequacy of existing courses and programs. Screen and validate formal Education and Training requirements.
  • Determine most cost effective method to deliver Education and Training. Sequence objectives; select instructional design, method, and media; and identify resource needs.
  • Develop tests and standards to measure individual abilities. Evaluate Education and Training programs, recommend actions to correct deficiencies, and oversee evaluations and surveys.
  • Conduct, validate, and revise programs and instruction. Coordinate user feedback with career field managers and Education and Training providers, and monitors corrective actions.
  • Consult on Standard process and career field Education and Training plans. Advise on Education and Training materials and services.
  • Conduct work center visits, and organize programs to develop and conduct job site training.
  • Advise on unit and individual Education and Training progress. Identify Education and Training providers, capabilities, and resources, and ensure availability of materials.
  • Recommend revisions to Education and Training programs.
  • Monitor Academic delivery performance across all Education partners.
  • Manage & maintain database of all critical information about Education Partners.
  • Manage commercial relationship with all Education/Product partners.
  • Administer Training function for all internal training requirements.
  • Successful conceptualization, designing and launching of the OD Training endeavour
  • Creating an interactive eLearning Training model for New-Hire Training
  • Imparted training in various MNCs, Life Insurance companies for their employees and advisors.
  • Facilitating and delivering a full range of training programs to ensure that the audiences (Advisors, Business Associates & Agency Managers) are trained on products, processes, sales skills and behavioural aspects.
  • Conduct trainings & activities on & off the field to increase the activity ratio, average case count and average premiums of the company.
  • To train, facilitate & guide agency managers in working with advanced Insurance Concepts, recruitment strategies, team development & upgrading them with different learning skill sets.


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