GD Singh | Values & Priciples
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Values & Priciples

Our Group Values and Principles

We believe that every organization in its lifetime faces situations where it is challenged to compromise with its core principles either to tide over a short-term crisis or capitalize on a lucrative opportunity. Organizations that show the character of staying firm on their core principles, in these moments of truth, grow up to be an ever-flourishing organization.

We base our existence on the fundamental values and principles

Benefits Sharing – We believe in win-win partnerships. Our benefits-linked implementation contracts should be a Win for our clients as well as a Win for us. There should be a virtuous loop of wealth creation and distribution with all our stakeholders. We will avoid deals where this spirit is violated.

Ownership of Results – We consider ourselves more as ‘implementation specialists’ rather than ‘recommendation consultants’. All our assignments are implementation based projects. Even if the overall strategy and tactics for implementation are agreed upon upfront, we know that implementation is always full of surprises. The obstacles detected could be new and time taken to solve them very uncertain. We believe in ‘whatever it takes’ to overcome the obstacles and get the desired results. We expect similar commitment from our clients.

Trust – We believe that trust is fundamental to all great relationships. We believe the corollary is also true – lack of trust destroys relationship. Lack of trust leads one party to take offensive action in order to protect itself from probable harm from the other party. This mistrust in turn begets more disharmonies and envelops individuals and organizations in a vicious circle of mutual harm. Our ‘benefits sharing’ model of contract is based on the principle of trust. We do no get into elaborate rigid legal contracts with our clients for evolving the model. Our contracts are short and based on the faith we repose in our clients. We will also avoid clients where we cannot build long term partnerships based on foundation of mutual trust.

Respect for the Individual – We believe in respecting the ideas and concerns of every individual involved in our sphere of work. Innovation is always challenged and challenges lead to innovations. Our change management philosophy believes in deeply understanding all negatives and obstacles to new initiatives. The most powerful impetus to change initiative comes when a person thinks about the negatives and reacts or responds to the implementation issues of the solution. We do not view such people as resistant to change but as necessary change agents required for successful implementation.

“Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them.” Napoleon Bonaparte